Otago-Southland Group invites you to:

How we individually and collectively contribute to making our next disaster


Presentations in Dunedin and Invercargill, by New Zealand Fire Service Commander Roy Breeze

Tuesday 3 November, 2015 from 13:00 hours.  Free of charge.
Dunedin City Council, Otara Room (all participants to check in at Civic Centre Reception)

Wednesday 4 November, 2015 time and venue to be announced.  Free of charge.

Using the story of the Tamahere coolstore fire in 2008 where a firefighter was killed and 7 others injured , Roy explains the links in the chain to disaster. Of the 9 links in the post fire analysis report, if one link was removed, the event would most likely not have happened. Only two of these links ‘directly’ related to what the firefighters/fire service could have done differently, but all 9  were interlinked. So who owns each links. Generally Individual organizations fixed their specific responsibilities, but does a real problem lie in our inter-agency planning or lack of?

 The presentation takes a high level view of:

  • Pre-event: Using the Swish cheese model, Roy steps you through the contributing factors, from the legislation, individual organisations mandates, inter-agency agency factors, random events/decision and how they all interlink.
  • The consequences in  reality. Pictorial story of the multi agency management for the fire, media, and environmental issues.
  • A brief look at the after effects, on those directly involved in the incident and the community.
  • Discussion: The answer is in the ‘interagency’ aspects. Are ‘we’ doing everything we can?

Light refreshments will follow

Please RSVP by email to Jason Hill, IFE NZ Otago-Southland Group,  to confirm your place at this  important event.